Organic Fertilizer For Neutral Soil

Organic Fertilizer For Neutral Soil

In view of soil acidification and salinization, Organic Fertilizer For Neutral Soil was developed with pure natural plant lignin and cellulose as the main raw materials by analysis technology and microbial fermentation technology. In addition to fully retaining horseradish, lycopene and small molecular nutrients and other highly active components, through fermentation enzymatic hydrolysis process, the unique biological humus and network fiber are fully retained, which significantly improves soil permeability, water retention and fertility, improves soil pH, and repair soil granular structure.

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Product Description

1. Product Introduction of Organic Fertilizer For Neutral Soil

Organic fertilizer is a pure natural green biological fertilizer developed from vegetable straw as the main raw material by biological enzyme hydrolysis technology and microbial fermentation process. It fully retains the highly active ingredients such as horseradish, lycopene and alkaloid in straw, and can effectively inhibit the occurrence of root nematodes and soil-borne diseases. Through fermentation enzymatic hydrolysis process, the small molecular nutrients in straw can be directly absorbed and utilized by crops without transformation. Fermentation of straw special biological humus and grid fiber lignin can obviously improve soil permeability, water and fertilizer retention, and repair soil aggregate structure.

2. Product Parameter (Specification) of Organic Fertilizer For Neutral Soil

N, P, K
organic matter
≥ 8.0

Main raw materials: humic acid, fermented vegetable straw, mushroom residue, etc

3. Product Feature And Application of Organic Fertilizer For Neutral Soil

1). Organic fertilizer is fermented from natural crop straw.

2). The highly active ingredients such as horseradish, lycopene and alkaloid in straw are fully retained. 

3). Rich in organic matter and organic small molecule bioactive nutrients.

4. Product Details of Organic Fertilizer For Neutral Soil

1). Pure biological fermentation, pH≥9, does not contain any mineral composition, rich in a lot of biological organic matter and biological active nutrients, improves soil pH, improves soil physical and chemical properties, gradually restores soil granular structure. Keep fertilizer and water, cultivate fertile soil.

2). In view of soil acidification, high-activity special compound microbial strains are added to rapidly form a plant micro-ecological environment suitable for crop growth around crop roots, secreting a large amount of bio-stimulant and promoting crop growth; At the same time, it can effectively inhibit the growth and reproduction of pathogenic bacteria, effectively inhibit the occurrence of soil-borne diseases such as root rot, stem rot and root cancer.

3). biomass unique mesh fiber, has obvious effects of water and fertilizer, reduces water evaporation loss, improves the utilization rate of water and fertilizer.

4). fertilizer in the production and fermentation process, produces a large number of natural small molecular biological active substances and beneficial microorganisms, can significantly promote crop root growth, root care, root mulch, improve plant growth.

5). The biological stimulant produced in the fermentation process of the product can obviously promote the growth of fruit, expand fruit, color and improve the quality of crops. 

Application method: Basal and diffuse.  

Recommended dosage: 200kg-1000kg/mu according to soil conditions.

5. Product Qualification of Organic Fertilizer For Neutral Soil

6. Deliver,  Shipping And Serving of Organic Fertilizer For Neutral Soil

Delivery time is determined according to order size and shipping distance 

The transaction method is FOB full payment or 70% deposit

7. FAQ

1). Q: How long will it take to install the equipment?

      A: No

2). Q: How many people do you send abroad to install the equipment?

      A: No

3). Q: What sales goals do you need to achieve to become your distributor?

      A: Details can be discussed according to region and product decision.

4). Q: Can I transfer the money to you and you pay to other suppliers?

      A: Yes.

5). Q: Can I deliver goods from other suppliers to your factory? And then load it together?

      A: No.

6). Q: How do you arrange your Spring Festival holiday?

     A: Five days.

7). Q: Can your equipment be installed in hot weather?

      A: Yes.

8). Q: Can your product be installed in cold weather?

      A: Yes.

9). Q: Do you have an office in Shanghai or Guangzhou?

      A: No.

10). Q: Could you send your staff over to install the equipment for us?

        A: Yes.

11). Q: Can I only buy some spare parts from you?

       A: Yes. 

12). Q: Will you attend the exhibition?

        A: Yes.

13). Q: Can you deliver your equipment to the warehouse in Guangzhou?

       A: Yes.

14). Q: How long will it take you to provide us with the design?

        A: 72 hours.

15). Q: What are your equipment manufacturing standards?

        A: China's Ministry of Agriculture, and we can apply for EU and Arab qualifications.

16). Q: How do you pack equipment?

        A: Packaged in bags or drums

17). Q: Can you design the equipment according to our size?

        A: Yes.

18). Q: How long has your company been making this kind of equipment?

        A: 9 years.

19). Q: What certificates do you have for your device?

        A: Fertilizer Registration Certificate

20). Q: How many employees do you have in your factory?

        A: 50

21). Q: How can I represent you?

        A: Detailed consultation.

22). Q: Do you have an agent in our country?

        A: No.

23). Q: Do you have any real equipment project pictures?

        A: Yes.

24). Q: How far is the hotel from your factory?

       A: 4km.

25). Q: How far is your factory from the airport?


26). Q: How long does it take to get to your factory from Guangzhou?

        A: 2.5 hours.

27). Q: Where is your factory?    

        A: Shandong shouguang.

28). Q: Do you provide spare parts free of charge?    

        A: No. 

29). Q: What is the age range for your product?    

        A: I don't know 

30). Q: Do you have a detailed and professional installation manual?    

        A: Yes. 

31). Q: Is OEM acceptable?    

        A: Yes.

32). Q: Do you provide samples? Free or charge?    

        A: Free mail at your own expense. 

33). Q: What are your payment terms?    

        A: Pay by letter of credit. 

34). Q: What's your minimum quantity?    

        A: 50 tons.

35). Q: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?    

        A: Trade plus manufacturer. 

36). Q: What is your lead time?    

        A: Depending on the size of the order and the shipping distance.

37). Q: How many production lines are there in your factory?    

        A: 8.

38). Q: Large element water soluble fertilizer can be adjusted formula composition needle according to customer requirements?

        A: Yes.

39). Q: Can the formula of organic fertilizer raw materials be adjusted according to customer requirements?

        A: Yes.

40). Q: Can I apply for the exclusive agency of the territory?

        A: Yes.

41). Q: Can you process other brand fertilizer products?

        A: Yes.

42). Q: Can you visit the production line factory in China?

        A: Yes.

43). Q: Can I purchase raw materials and formulations including product lines?

        A: Yes.

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