Diammonium Phosphate Market When To Usher In A Turnaround


In August, the domestic diammonium phosphate market trend is still weak, the price of raw material sulfur has fallen, the market continues to wait and see, the terminal demand has not been started, and the new orders of enterprises are limited. At present, the factory price of 64% diammonium in Hubei is 4050-4100 yuan/ton, and the most guaranteed price will be near the end of September. The price of 64% mainstream diammonium in Shandong is 4200-4300 yuan/ton, which is actually negotiated. The market is still not good, diammonium phosphate autumn market when it starts?

Figure 1. Price trend of diammonium phosphate raw materials

As of August 4, the price of sulfur from Yangtze River port was 930 yuan/ton, down 120 yuan/ton from last Thursday, and down 43.29% from the same period in 2021; the ex-factory price of synthetic ammonia in Hubei was 3,050 yuan/ton, down 125 yuan/ton on Thursday, 28.91% year-on-year in the same period of 2021; the delivery price of Hubei's 28% taste ore was stable at 1,055 yuan per ton, unchanged from last Thursday and up about 62.31% from the same period last year. Now all the raw materials, in addition to the ore prices stabilise, sulfur and ammonia prices still keep falling trend, mainly downstream phosphate fertilizer demand the doldrums, phosphate fertilizer factories, low ammonia urea downward, also be vulnerable state, the demand of sulfur and ammonia price to maintain a narrow downward trend, diammonium cost surface support.

Figure 2. Production and utilization ratio of diammonium phosphate

Up to now, the weekly capacity utilization rate of the diammonium phosphate industry is 40.39%, a decrease of 19.80% compared with the same period last year, and the weekly output is 198,200 tons, a decrease of 23.90% compared with the same period last year. The main method of diammonium phosphate export inspection policy further tightening in July, the export is restricted, the domestic market fall for fertilizer during 5 to 6 months, the market is advancing front, social inventory is bigger, and current grassroots demand temporarily did not start, the market supply of goods to be consumed, the enterprise new single follow up slowly, steam quantity is limited, device starts at low load operation. Above all, raw material prices and drop more than industrial products, did not dare to a large number of stock market traders, in corporate policy suitable cases, a small amount of purchase is given priority to, most of today's upstream traders already owns part of the supply of goods, but demand wasn't at the grass-roots level, prices downward situation, is expected to near a kick-off meeting for fertilization period at the grassroots level as for fat time shorten, It is expected that the diammonium phosphate market will start in mid - to late August or so.

Article source: Longzhong Information.

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