Spring Tillage Protection For Effective, Urea Price Downward Trend At The Beginning!



This week, driven by fears and interests after the interruption of urea supply in Russia, international urea prices climbed again, but the increase was not as high as the previous period. Slow mobility of international sources: traders have limited new positions on a FOB basis and are more interested in purchasing from importers in end-user markets. It seems most interested in acquiring offtakes from importers in the end-user market.

Urea prices rose again this week, driven by tight supplies after a supply disruption in Russia, but the increase has moderated. International markets were generally liquid this week, with traders taking a small number of new positions based on FOB prices, mainly to ship imported sources to the end market.

The main activity this week was centred on the Americas, with prices in Brazil and the US climbing to a record $1,000 a tonne CFR and Argentina setting a new record for a small volume deal at around $1,050 a tonne CFR excluding tax. European, Asian and African markets remained calm, with prices continuing to rise but volumes were light.

At the beginning of the week, Jincheng announced a large-scale production stoppage of urea plants, affecting the daily output of nearly ten thousand tons, adding fuel to the tight urea supply market, urea prices rose nearly 150 yuan/ton two days in a row. It is very gratifying to see the feelings and self-discipline of agricultural endowment people again. The Nitrogenous fertilizer industry Association, major production and distribution enterprises have all made their voices heard, asking the National Development and Reform Commission and other national ministries and commissions to pay attention to this situation, so as to avoid farmers becoming the last buyer of high prices. Subsequently, the jincheng government quickly adjusted the policy and urea plants resumed production immediately, but due to the frequent start and stop of poor stability, the daily output has not recovered to more than 160,000 tons.

Phosphatic Fertilizer

MAP - monoammonium phosphate

The market continues to move sideways. The ex-factory reference price of 55% powdery ammonium in central China is around 3500-3550 yuan/ton; The ex-factory reference price of 55% powdery monoammonium in southwest China is around 3400-3450 yuan/ton. In terms of exports, the recent export price of 55% monoammonium granules from China is 953-1016 USD/ton FOB; China 64% diammonium grain export quotation rose to $900-930 / ton FOB. Domestic ammonium is expected to run in the short term.

DAP (diammonium phosphate)

The domestic mainstream market price of diammonium phosphate maintained a strong trend. In Southwest China, the reference price of 64% granulated diammonium is 3710-3800 yuan / ton; in North China, the reference price of 64% granulated diammonium is 3650 yuan / ton, and the reference price of 57% granulated diammonium is 3300 yuan / ton; Bayuquan 64 The outbound quotation of % granular ammonium is 3900 yuan / ton, and the arrival price of 64% granular ammonium in Heilongjiang is 4050-4100 yuan / ton. The actual transaction is mainly negotiated. The ammonium market is expected to consolidate at a high level on the basis of local prices still have upward space and possible.

Potash Fertilizer

Potassium Chloride

Prices are mainly stable. Import sources of goods have a certain amount of recent replenishment, the market can sell goods to increase. However, due to the impact of COVID-19, some ports are temporarily unable to deliver goods and are basically at a standstill. At present, the price of 60% red powder in the port is mostly 4550-4600 yuan/ton, mainly concentrated in the southern port, the price of 62% white potassium is mostly 4900-5000 yuan/ton, and the price of red particles is 5200-5500 yuan/ton. In terms of border trade, port spots are less. There is news that there will be new goods arriving at the end of March. The current price of 62% white potassium in Manzhouli port is more than 5050 yuan/ton.

Potassium Sulphate

In terms of potassium sulfate, the overall level remains high and firm, but the transaction is not ideal. At present, Mannheim potassium sulfate manufacturers have low operating rates under the shortage of raw materials and high prices. Some enterprises have stopped production, and the sales prices are still upside down. The ex-factory price of 52% water-soluble powder is mostly 5000-5100 yuan / ton. In terms of resource-based potassium sulfate, the production of the plant is normal, and the supply of potassium from Xinjiang SDIC is relatively tight. The bidding price of the main tobacco supply is 4,260 yuan / ton.

Compound Fertilizer

Recently, the hefei market continues to high, the raw material market is uncertain, manufacturers do not quote. Market prices rose 50-100 yuan/ton or so, the domestic compound fertilizer market is expected to slow down this week, in addition to some low-end is expected to compensate, high-end adjustment or limited. On the one hand, potash fertilizer, urea loose down expectations, weaken the market's psychological support; On the other hand, the downstream of the new price is limited, the inverted market situation to be eased. However, the main upstream raw materials, including urea and ammonium chloride, are still running at a high level, supporting the overall cost of compound fertilizer. At the same time, enterprises generally have strong price intention, and low-end price supply decreases with the execution of early orders. It is expected that this week, the domestic compound fertilizer market will be stable and part of the supplementary increase will be the mainstay.

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