Up 100-300 Yuan! Urea Continues To Rise



Today, the domestic urea market rose steadily, with new orders from urea factories following up well, and inventories continued to decrease, mostly due to price hikes. In terms of supply, due to the spread of the epidemic, some provincial and national roads have been closed, and some areas have been sealed off. Trans-city and trans-provincial logistics and transportation of urea are not smooth. The arrival quantity of mainstream areas has decreased significantly, and spot supplies are tight, leading to rising urea prices. In terms of demand, it is currently in the peak season of spring tillage for fertilizer preparation and fertilizer use, and downstream distributors are replenishment as needed. Industrial plate and compound fertilizer enterprises have insufficient raw material reserve in the early stage, and their purchasing enthusiasm is still acceptable.

On the whole, it is difficult to improve the blocked shipment in the short term.  Both industry and agriculture have the demand for fresh purchases, and the urea market is mainly maintained at a high level.  Next, we will focus on the follow-up of downstream demand.

Compound Fertilizer

The domestic compound fertilizer market continues to rise. This week in many places in the 50-100 yuan/ton, low-end prices rise significantly.  In the past two weeks, the compound fertilizer enterprise stop, stop reporting phenomenon is more common, even in the relatively busy season, is not willing to accept a large number of orders, coupled with the slow progress of terminal purchase and sales activities, the compound fertilizer market as a whole into a stalemate, whether upstream enterprises or downstream dealers, cautious wait-and see the mood is strong.

Main compound fertilizer enterprises, part of the limited order, part of the small rise, there are still most of the new prices. In terms of dealers, the operation of new orders has become more cautious, and logistics delivery has been hindered in some regions due to the epidemic. Expected short-term domestic compound fertilizer market high finishing, part of the price.

Up to now, refer to the domestic part of the factory 45%S (14:16:15/3*15) at 3400-3550 yuan/ton, 45%CL (3*15) at 3050-3300 yuan/ton, 40 content of high nitrogen fertilizer at 2900-3000 yuan/ton. For some large enterprises in Hubei province, there is no new price at present. In the early stage, the partial factory reference is 45%S (3*15) 3310 yuan/ton, and 51%S (3*17) 4220 yuan/ton; 51%CL (3*17) 3500 yuan/ton, 51%CL (25:10:16) 3670 yuan/ton; 40%CL (18:10:12) 2780 yuan/ton.

Ammonium Phosphate

MAP - Monoammonium Phosphate

Domestic monoammonium phosphate market to maintain high firm operation, the price compared with last week up 200-300 yuan/ton. Raw material prices mixed, sulfur port down domestic up; Compared with last Friday, the price of synthetic ammonia factories in Hubei increased by 200-390 yuan/ton, and the cost is still high. Monoammonium phosphate enterprises still have no quotation and limited orders for the time being. Central China minority 55 powder factory offers 3500-3550 yuan/ton, and Southwest Minority 55 powder factory offers 350-3450 yuan/ton. Downstream to maintain on-demand procurement, enterprises to execute the main order. The Northeast market was affected by the epidemic, the shipment of Bayuquan goods was regulated, and the transaction was basically stagnant. In the early stage, the self-raised price of 55 powder was 3450 yuan/ton, and the negotiation space was limited.

DAP Diammonium Phosphate

The domestic diammonium phosphate market maintains a consolidation operation, the raw material sulfur price is running high, hubei synthetic ammonia continues to rise, the cost pressure of enterprises is increasing, most of them still suspend quotation temporarily do not accept orders, mainly to fulfill the early advance orders; On the supply side, due to the shortage of raw materials and the impact of public health events, shipment was blocked, some factory devices were stopped for maintenance or production reduction, and the operation of the industry declined significantly; The mainstream market price of winter storage maintained a strong trend. Affected by the shipment, the supply of goods was tight. The 64% diammonium content in Bayuquan was quoted at 3,900 yuan / ton, and the 64% in Heilongjiang was quoted at 4,050-4,100 yuan / ton. The actual transaction is mainly negotiated.

Potash Fertilizer

Potassium Chloride

Affected by international factors, the price of potassium chloride products in the small shock. With the development of the epidemic, most ports are at a standstill, logistics and transportation are subject to great resistance, and the price of domestic potassium is slightly confused. Although the official quotation of manufacturers is low, most of them are directly supplied to downstream factories, and the price of goods circulating in the market is high. At present, the arrival price of 60% crystal in the Salt Lake market is mostly 4600-4800 yuan/ton, but the self-raised price in some areas is the same as the low-end arrival price, and the transaction is negotiable. China's potash reserves will also gradually release goods to downstream factories, and the amount of goods available for sale on the market has increased. However, under the influence of public events in most regions, logistics and transportation are greatly affected, and the spot circulation is slow.

Up to now, the port price of 60% red powder in 4550-4600 yuan/ton, mostly concentrated in the southern port, 62% white potassium price in 4900-5000 yuan/ton, but the high price transaction is limited, the price of large particles is limited, basically maintained at 5200-5500 yuan/ton.

Potassium Sulfate

The domestic market price of potassium sulfate has risen slightly, but it is still driven by the price of raw material potassium chloride, and the cost pressure of manufacturers is large. Even if the price has been adjusted, the sales price of most processed mannheim potassium sulfate manufacturers is still upside down. At present, the ex-factory price of Mannheim 50% powder is mostly 4800-4900 yuan/ton, and the ex-factory price of 52% powder is mostly 4900-5000 yuan/ton. At present, the market price of Luo potassium 52% powder is mostly 4700-4800 yuan / ton, and the actual transaction is mainly negotiated according to the order.

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