Why Can Water Soluble Fertilizer Replace Compound Fertilizer?


With the popularity of water soluble fertilizer, traditional compound fertilizer is gradually replaced, water soluble fertilizer than compound fertilizer is good in what? What's the difference?

Compound fertilizer is mainly used for top dressing, fertilizer effect is slow, in a certain period of crops need nutrients can not be timely supply, miss the growth period; Compound fertilizer contains a high salt index, long-term use is easily cause damage to the soil, the amount will not burn root burn seedlings; With the popularity of the integration of water and fertilizer, compound fertilizer is not easy to dissolve, easy to block the nozzle, the use is more troublesome.

Water soluble fertilizer belongs to quick-effective fertilizer, which is widely applied and suitable for various crops in various regions. It can meet the needs of crops at that time when nutrients are needed in each period. Water soluble fertilizer products on the market generally exist more salt, and Tianpu water soluble fertilizer low salt soft nutrition quality anti-premature aging, the salt index in its own products has been reduced, will not harm the soil, promote crop growth, improve quality and increase production; Tianpu water soluble fertilizer water soluble without residue, suitable for the integration of water and fertilizer, drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and other ways of use, will not block the nozzle.

In recent years, along with the upgrading of water soluble fertilizer, is also increasingly advanced production technology, chela enzyme technology is one of the better technology on the market at present, the temple is the technology of water soluble fertilizer use, can make fast into the crop nutrient, improve the utilization rate of absorption, carbon, the core material alga fish is rich in more than 150 kinds of active material of high quality water soluble fertilizer.

According to the tracking survey, the use of water-soluble fertilizer users more and more, the evaluation of water-soluble fertilizer is also very high, some use of compound fertilizer caused by soil compaction, crop root rot, yield reduction, etc., through water-soluble fertilizer conditioning has a good effect, water-soluble fertilizer replacement of chemical fertilizer is the general trend.

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