What Kind Of Water-soluble Fertilizer Is Better? How To Choose?


For agricultural planting, only when the plant root system is good, the growth and fruit will be better. In recent years, in order to make plant roots better, there are more and more products to promote rooting, but many growers say that the more they use, the worse their roots feel. How can we choose a good water-soluble fertilizer? Tianpu will talk to you briefly today:

For plants, in addition to the stimulation of external factors, the growth environment is also very important. With good soil root environment and sufficient nutrition, the natural roots will grow as long as possible. If these conditions are not met, even if we force the plant to produce a large number of new roots, it will slowly age and even die, with no gain or loss.

Therefore, for rooting water-soluble fertilizer, jiuyifeng believes that it will be better for us to choose organic and inorganic water-soluble fertilizer. For example, the suspended liquid water-soluble fertilizer containing organic and inorganic, if this kind of water-soluble fertilizer is rich in the extract fermented by biological bacteria, it will naturally promote rooting. In addition, inorganic nutrition itself can also promote rooting.

In addition, in the early stage of plants, photosynthesis is generally weak. At this time, we cooperate with organic titanium to improve the rate of plant photosynthesis. If it is simple and easy, it will be better for us to use organic-inorganic suspended titanium carbon water-soluble fertilizer. In this way, plant roots will be better and better.

For rooting water-soluble fertilizer, it is better to reduce or do not use water-soluble fertilizer containing hormone or regulator as far as possible. What do you think?  If you don't know how to choose, please leave a message and let's exchange and study together!