There Are Many Brands Of Water-Soluble Fertilizers, And Many Users Recommend This One.


How to increase revenue? This is the concern of countless planting friends. In the process of planting, temperature control, irrigation, etc., are all for the better growth of crops, but due to the different climate, environment and soil moisture, fruits and vegetables and other crops have different nutrient requirements, so it is necessary to do a good job of fertilization.

In the past, there were few types of fertilizers and inconvenient facilities. Whether it was basal fertilizer or top-dressing fertilizer, people almost always used large chemical fertilizers. Over time, this resulted in soil compaction and serious salinization, which affected the health of crops and made it difficult to achieve high yields and harvests. However, the development of water-soluble fertilizers has given growers a new understanding of fertilizers.

Water soluble fertilizer can be used in all periods of crops, because of its convenient application and good effect favored by growers. At this time, farmers will ask: "so many brands of water soluble fertilizer, which effect is good?" Today I saw a lot of users' experiences.

Weifang, Shandong, China is a famous apple producing area in my country. It is recognized by the masses because of its large fruit and good taste. Especially the apples grown are big and sweet. When growers from other regions ask about planting skills, many growers will tell them, this is the credit of Tianpu water-soluble fertilizer!

According to our users: "At first, I searched for apple fertilizer on the Internet, and I was very interested when I saw the effect of Tianpu water-soluble fertilizer. I clicked on the official website and learned about the technical advantages of the manufacturer, which is rich in more than 120 kinds of nutrients. Substances are more easily absorbed by crops, so they go to local dealers to buy them."

After a period of time, our users were amazed by the effect of Techpu products. The leaves of the apples that had been used with water-soluble fertilizers were thick and green, and the apples produced were very obvious compared with the apples grown in the neighborhood. Our users' apples grew evenly and sold well, the taste is good, and I have been using this water-soluble fertilizer since then.

Tianpu water-soluble fertilizer is a pure natural green bio-fertilizer developed with pure natural plant lignin and cellulose as the main raw materials for soil acidification and salinization, using biological enzymatic hydrolysis technology and microbial fermentation technology. While fully retaining high active ingredients such as horseradish, lycopene and small molecule nutrients, through the fermentation and enzymatic hydrolysis process, the unique biological humus and network fibers are fully retained, which significantly improves soil permeability, water retention and fertilizer retention. Improve soil pH and repair soil aggregate structure. Come and try it!