So Much Water-Soluble Fertilizer Is Used, Do You Really Understand?


Water-soluble fertilizer is one of the fertilizers often used by planting friends, and it is an important aid to increase crop yield. However, many people are still full of doubts about water-soluble fertilizer, saying that it is of high quality, but the effect is good or bad, and the price gap is large; they say that it is expensive, but the input cost is not high. What the hell is going on here, do you really understand?

1. About the quality of water soluble fertilizer

Water dissolves fertilizer quality and raw material have direct concern, the water dissolves fertilizer quality that uses cheap raw material production of price, nature did not use the water dissolves fertilizer quality with higher price is high.

Different production processes will also affect the quality of water-soluble fertilizers. Under the same raw materials, the quality of water-soluble fertilizers produced with higher technology will be relatively better.

2. About the price of water soluble fertilizer

The prices of different quality, different types, different production technologies and different effects of water-soluble fertilizers are completely different. Some cheap water-soluble fertilizers do not require high-quality raw materials and superb technical production. Just smashing and blending fertilizers such as urea, ammonium sulfate, and potassium nitrate can be mixed into a water-soluble fertilizer. The input cost is not high, and the price will not be very high, but its quality and efficacy will be greatly reduced. The particles are uneven, easy to agglomerate, not easy to dissolve, and the absorption and utilization rate is not high, which affects the growth of crops.

For example, Tianpu water-soluble fertilizer uses pure natural plant lignin and cellulose as the main raw materials, using biological enzymatic hydrolysis technology and microbial fermentation technology to develop pure natural green biological fertilizers. While fully retaining high active ingredients such as horseradish, lycopene and small molecule nutrients, through the fermentation and enzymatic hydrolysis process, the unique biological humus and network fibers are fully retained, which significantly improves soil permeability, water retention and fertilizer retention. Improving soil pH and repairing soil aggregate structure can greatly improve the utilization rate of nutrients and make crops better absorb. Effectively promote crop rooting, seedling lifting, flowering and fruit setting, and increase quality and yield.

Therefore, in the process of crop planting, it is crucial to understand water-soluble fertilizers. Choosing the right fertilizer and applying it well will greatly help the crops to obtain high yields.