The Effect Of The Biological Organic Fertilizer


Experiments at home and abroad have confirmed that the yield increasing effect of microbial organic fertilizer is very significant. Based on the summary of more than 70 long-term positioning experiments in China from 1981 to 1995, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences believe that the application of microbial organic fertilizer has a superposition effect.


Organic fertilizer can directly provide energy for soil microorganisms and substrate for soil enzymes, which can form soil humus and improve soil physical properties. Chemical fertilizer can meet the large demand of crops for nutrients in some specific growth stages.


The results showed that compared with nitrogen microbial, organic fertilizer could further improve the yield, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. The international attention to microbial organic fertilizer is also growing with each passing day. Europe, America and Australia are advocating the commercialization of microbial organic fertilizer.


The long-term fertilizer test in Lausanne experimental station showed that compared with the treatment of pure chemical fertilizer, the yield difference between the treatments of micro biological organic fertilizer in the first two years was not obvious, but the difference between the treatments after two years reached a significant or extremely significant level. Microbial organic fertilizer can improve plant nutrition,production conditions and product quality.


According to the existing research, the analysis of more than 30 relevant quality indexes of more than 20 crops such as grain, cotton, oil, fruit, vegetable, tobacco and tea shows that the application of compound fertilizer can improve the quality of the tested crops to varying degrees.


For example, the protein of wheat and corn grains can increase by 2.0-3.5%, the gluten of wheat can increase by 1.0-3.6%, and the eight essential amino acids can increase by 0.3-0.48%.Soybean linoleic acid and oleic acid increased by 0.31-0.92 percentage points respectively.Beer large endosperm powder and essential amino acids increased by 30% and 5.7% respectively.The rate of top grade flue-cured tobacco increased by 7.3-9.8 percentage points.The authentic rate of asparagus increased by 6.0-9.0 percentage points. The degree of glucose and watermelon increased by 0.8-1.2 degrees, and the single fruit weight increased by 4.2-13.1 percentage points. 


Vitamin B and C in vegetables and fruits increased in varying degrees, and could improve the storage resistance of vegetables. The application of microbial organic fertilizer can also significantly reduce the edible nitrate content in Chinese cabbage and spinach.


The organic components of bio organic fertilizer are crop root growth and crop rhizosphere microbial reproduction, so as to create a good environment,and to improve the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of soil and lay a foundation for crop yield increase. Bio organic fertilizer can significantly improve crop yield because it contains a variety of nutrient elements, which has both the quick availability of nutrients and the slow-release of organic nutrients, the characteristics of high efficiency, long-term, comprehensive and lasting fertility, and has a reasonable proportion.


It can give full play to the interaction and synergy between various elements, inhibit antagonism, and meets the physiological needs of crops. Compared with other fertilizers with equivalent or equal nutrients, the application effect is more obvious.