Our Factory

Company Profile:

The factory was established in 2013 and is located in Shandong, China, with a total investment of 170 million yuan, covering an area of more than 280 acres and a total construction area of 73,260 square meters. The raw material workshop, the crushing workshop, the aging workshop, the automatic production workshop, the mixing workshop, the finished product warehouse, the laboratory and the comprehensive office building have been constructed respectively. The company mainly uses vegetable stalks and animal manure to produce bio-organic fertilizer and is engaged in the research and development, production and sales of bio-herbicide, bio-seed soaking agent, bio-enhancement agent, bio-fungicide, water treatment agent and other projects.

The enterprise integrates the research and development, production, application and service of biotechnology, and possesses the world's advanced biotechnology and production technology. The company adheres to the business management philosophy of "Technology is the core, quality is life, service is brand, and integrity is the cornerstone". It has a complete scientific research, production, sales, and service system to provide customers with first-class products and perfect after-sales tracking services.

Enterprise capacity:

[Water-soluble fertilizer] daily output is 40 tons/day, annual output is 12,000 tons/year, [organic fertilizer] daily output is 300 tons/day, annual output is 200,000 tons/year.

Product advantages:

The organic fertilizer produced by the company provides pure natural and fully decomposed organic matter to the soil, with an organic matter content of>60% and a total nutrient content of>9%. It can replenish the soil with a large amount of high activity, high resurrection rate, high performance microbial functional flora. The product contains 500 million bacteria per gram, which are mainly nitrogen-fixing bacteria, phosphorus- and potassium-dissolving bacteria, rhizobia, humic bacteria and other functional bacterial groups. The index far exceeds the national standard (the national standard is organic matter content ≥ 30%, biological bacteria content ≥ 20 million/g). The organic matter is rich in a large amount of plant fiber, which can support the soil, create voids, loosen the soil, increase air permeability, facilitate the rooting of crops, promote the input and circulation of effective elements, and fully meet the soil conditions for crops to survive, and provide crops with the best growing environment. And the extremely high cost performance has also laid a solid technical foundation for a wide range of applications.

Long-term application can completely solve the problems of soil pollution, compaction, acidity, alkalization, lack of organic matter, and lack of microbial probiotics, and quickly restore the original ecology. It is the best application for growing organic food. In the past two years, the company has conducted a large number of comparative experiments on cash crops such as melons, vegetables and fruits in Shouguang, Qingzhou, Pingdu and other places. The results have proved that the use of bio-organic fertilizer produced by our company can provide a good growth environment for crops. Can effectively reduce the application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides by 30-50%, and increase the yield by more than 15%. The effect is outstanding; it can increase the fruit setting rate, increase the color and improve the quality of the fruit; advance the crop maturity 7-10 days, and keep the agricultural products fresh. The storage resistance is increased for 20 days; the soil moisture is improved, and the water retention performance is enhanced; it has the integrated effect of fertilizer and medicine to loosen the soil, improve drought resistance, cold resistance, stress resistance, and disease resistance.

Enterprise characteristics:

As a representative of experienced factories in the industry, our factory can customize products with different parameter ratios for customers based on different crops, geographical differences, soil and environmental fields, and from the perspective of the customer's actual situation. At the same time, we can also provide products according to customer requirements. Different product packaging meets all customized conditions. (Minimum order quantity 3 tons/time)