Water-Soluble Fertilizer

Macro-element water-soluble fertilizer, hereinafter referred to as organic fertilizer, is a pure natural green biological fertilizer developed with vegetable straw as the main raw material and adopts biological enzymatic hydrolysis technology and microbial fermentation technology. It fully retains the horseradish, lycopene, and lycopene in the straw. Highly active ingredients such as alkaloids can effectively inhibit root nematodes and soil-borne diseases. The unique biological humus and grid-like fiber lignin of fermented straw can significantly improve soil permeability, water retention and fertility, and repair soil aggregate structure.

Our macro-element water-soluble fertilizer uses plants as the source of organic matter and is produced by high-temperature aerobic fermentation; it is rich in organic matter and humic acid needed for plant growth, resists dead trees, prevents root rot, promotes flowers and preserves fruits, and improves crop quality . It has the functions of improving soil and promoting growth, efficiently improving the growth environment of crops, loosening the soil, improving soil aggregate structure, stimulating root development, promoting crop growth, fixing nitrogen, dissolving phosphorus and potassium, and greatly reducing the amount of fertilizer used.

As a source manufacturer of water-soluble fertilizers with a large number of elements, our organic fertilizer is also a pure natural green bio-organic fertilizer developed with pure natural plant lignin and cellulose as the main raw materials, using biological enzymatic hydrolysis technology and microbial fermentation technology.
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